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Barrett MRAD Conversion Kits For Sale.

Barrett MRAD Conversion Kits allow the rifle scope and firearm user to adapt to varying situations and requirements. Focusing on user needs, the lineup is especially built in compatibility with Barrett MRAD Rifles. The Multi-Role Adaptive Design bolt-action sniper rifles, in turn, are based on the Barrett 98B and designed to cater to the needs of the SOCOM PSR. Riflescope owners can easily optimize the Barrett MRAD’s user-changeable barrel system to the fullest with the help of the conversion kits, maintaining outstanding levels of accuracy and performance. The well-made kits prove to be extremely useful for caliber interchangeability.

Depending on the model, they may include parts or accessories such as barrels, magazines, firing pin assembly, front assembly pin, bolt, bolt tube, bolt pin, bolt guides, extractor, extractor spring, cheek piece lock knob, accessory rails, ZCORR anti corrosion bag within Barrett branded bag, etc. for swapping between different calibers with ease. Get these conversion kits to optimize the MRAD’s user-changeable barrel system, transform your Barrett MRAD and enjoy perfect shots.